Adenium Obesum - Impala Lily

Impala Lily

  Winter flowering succulent well know to those who visit the Kruger Park or town of Messing and Louis Trichardt where it grows profusely.
Plant is leaveless while in bloom so that it masses of star - shaped flowers, each edged with pillar- box red, are shown off without detraction.
Plant need good drainage and won't tolerate frost or prolonged cold.

Adeniums HYBRID - Desert Rose

Rock rose

  Originate from Thailand are best grown in the hot dry regions of Southern Africa
Grow well in high heat and full sun and do well as a container plant as long as the pot has good drainage.

Echeveria Elegans - Mexican Snowball



The species derives its common name from its off-white, concave leaves  which forms a tight rosette. Pinkish-red flowers with yellow tips are borne on flower stems up to 300mm high.

Euphorbia Milli (Madagascar) - Christ's Thorn / Crown of Thorns

christ thorn


Thin branches of this slow growing plant are closely covered with dark spines nd tipped with a thin cluster of light green leaves.
Flowers, borne throughout the year, they are carried on long, stick-like stalks arising from the leaf axils to create the "crown" from which this succulent derives it's common name.






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