Sep 04

July to September


These orchids are either in flower from July or buds are busy developing.
Make sure your orchid gets enough water to support the buds and flowers for a longer flowering period.
These are very tough plants but in very cold areas take them indoors to prevent the buds or flowers from dropping. They need to be near enough light and good air flow in your home.

It is important to still water your orchids during the cold winter months but less often and with less water. Always water after 11am so that the leaves have time to dry out by the time night falls.
Fertilise your orchids with a fertiliser high in nitrogen aswell as a high potassium content to stimulate grow and strengthen the plant cells. Use a water-soluble fertiliser.

Look out for the following orchids making buds and flowering now in early Spring; Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums, Anselia Africana (Indigenous Leopard orchid) Oncidiums and Cattleya.


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